It was 2:00 am . The night time where you think , I mean overthink everything and that time I realised that I am so lonely that a single person in my life can’t understand me . I believe that i give those people too much of my goodness but in return I get betrayal, tears . Idk how to explain but just gonna type untill I feel better . My friend asked me,” why you roaming alone?”, just because I didn’t want to feel weak I had an answer like ,” what? I ain’t alone I am with myself , walking and talking with myself. What else you need when you are with yourself.” But deep down there soul craved for togetherness , I needed someone to understand me .

Its not like that I didn’t try to share some part of my feelings to the people but am very good at understanding the receiver and they failed at understanding me so I started cutting off people from my life knowing that they don’t wanna understand me. It’s not easy to share those things because I am scared to tell

I am scared to tell them that what I think about this crazy world ? , what I think about my life?, what I think ? , what I feel, Because no-one is there to understand, accept and respect , umm no one.

I was getting overburdened with these thoughts keeping it with me so I thought to take some help of word press where I could share some part of my life and where I don’t know the reader so I won’t be scared to share.

If you are reading this and you feel kinda same thing it’s okay! Loneliness teaches you to not to be dependent on someone for your happiness.

It’s okay if no-one understands you because everyone doesn’t have that ability to understand, But you should be glad that you have “you” to understand. Just believe in your thoughts.

Thank you for reading my 💭thoughts!

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